About Us

Reid Family Lawyers is a specialist, boutique family law firm committed to helping you solve issues which have arisen as a consequence of the breakdown of your relationship.

The end of a relationship or marriage is a highly stressful and emotional time both for you and your children.  It is important at this time that you receive sound, rational and expert advice about your rights and obligations in relation to any division of relationship property, financial support and how best to navigate parenting arrangements to ensure that what is in place is in your children’s best interests.

At Reid Family Lawyers, our emphasis is on providing you with advice about the outcome you can reasonably expect to achieve and then guiding you through a process to achieve that outcome in a timely and cost effective way.  Our ethos is to “do no harm”, in recognition that long after your matter with us ends, your relationship with your ex and your children will continue.


Reid Family Lawyers was founded in 2006 by our principal Fiona Reid. After working exclusively in the Family Law Jurisdiction since 1999, Fiona’s passion for Family Law naturally led to the opening of her own practice. As an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, a nationally accredited mediator and an Independent Children’s Lawyer, Fiona leads the firm with expertise and a supportive child-focussed approach.

Initially situated on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Reid Family Lawyers has now expanded into a second office in Surry Hills where we have been assisting clients from the wider Sydney area since 2017. Our growth is as a result of the relationships we have built with our clients, our reputation in the family law arena and the outstanding outcomes we achieve.

Despite our expansion, the Reid Family Lawyers team remains a close-knit group of passionate professionals.  We work collaboratively by applying our combined skills and expertise to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.


Our commitment to you:

We will

  1. Explain each stage of the Family Law process to you in plain English;
  2. Provide you with copies of all correspondence, Court documents and other relevant documents relating to your case;
  3. Exhaust all avenues of settlement before commencing Court proceedings;
  4. Engage experienced and competent experts and Counsel when necessary to achieve the best outcomes in Court.

From you we expect:

  1. Honest detailed instructions;
  2. Provision of documentation requested by us and the other side;
  3. Open and honest communication between us;
  4. Attendance by you at all Court events unless otherwise advised;
  5. Attendance by you at Court ordered appointments with experts and family consultants within the Family Court.