About Us

The breakdown of your relationship or marriage is a highly stressful and emotional time both for you and your children.  It is important at this time that you receive sound, rational and expert advice about your rights and entitlements to property and the impact your dispute might be having on the welfare of your children.

At Reid Family Lawyers, our emphasis is on providing you with advice about the outcome you can reasonably expect to achieve and then guiding you through a process to achieve that outcome in a timely and cost effective way.

Reid Family Lawyers is a specialist, boutique family law firm committed to helping you solve issues which have arisen as a consequence of the breakdown of your marriage or relationship including the arrangements for your children and the division of property acquired by you before, during and after your marriage.

Your professional team

Our Managing Director, Fiona Reid is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law.  She has a Masters of Law (Applied Law) majoring in Family Law and is a graduate fellow of the College of Law.  She has many years’ experience in all facets of Family Law practice and has practised exclusively in the Family Law Jurisdiction since 1999.  She sits on the panel of Independent Children’s Lawyers and is an active participant in training and educating other lawyers.

Christine Kelly has been practising as a Solicitor since 1987.  She has practised exclusively in the Family Law jurisdiction since 1990 and has been an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer since 1996.  Christine has substantial experience in all aspects of Family Law.  She has an exceptional aptitude for complex financial matters and is expert at providing direct and commercially sound advice.  Christine has undertaken mediation training and encourages negotiated, efficient and sensible resolutions.  Christine has been employed as a Consultant of the firm since February 2014.

Alex Wearne holds a BA (Hons) / LLB from ANU.  She has been practising as a solicitor since 1991, always in family law.  Alex has been an accredited specialist in family law since 1996.  Alex is an experienced Solicitor Advocate, having appeared in numerous complex interim, interlocutory and final hearings in the Family Court of Australia, the Federal Circuit Court and in the NSW Supreme, District and Children’s Courts.  Alex has also acted in all aspects of Full Court family law appeals, from their inception to final argument, for appellants, respondents and on behalf of children.  Alex has practised as an Independent Children’s Lawyer since 1994.  Alex will form part of your strategic legal team from the inception of your matter to trial, providing expert representation at Court throughout your case.

Victoria Graves is a dedicated solicitor and consummate professional with a particular focus on providing excellent advice and preeminent client service. She is passionate about all areas of family law and is focused on obtaining the best outcome for her clients.

Ruth Hennigan undertakes all family law matters but has a particular interest in complex parenting matters. She is committed to providing the best service to her clients and catering for their individual needs.

Your support team

Mareete (Practice Manager), Bridget, Christine and Rachel will happily assist you with administrative enquiries, provide copies of documents when requested, field enquiries regarding your accounts and arrange appointments with professional staff as necessary.

Reid Family Lawyers is a small team environment where every member of staff has sound knowledge of your case so that enquiries from you can be dealt with efficiently.

Our Commitment to You

We will:

  1. Explain each stage of the Family Law process to you in plain English;
  2. Return your calls and emails the same working day;
  3. Provide you with copies of all correspondence, Court documents and other relevant documents relating to your case;
  4. Exhaust all avenues of settlement before commencing Court proceedings;
  5. Engage experienced and competent experts and Counsel when necessary to achieve the best outcomes in Court.

From You we Expect:

  1. Honest detailed instructions;
  2. Provision of documentation requested by us and the other side;
  3. Open and honest communication between us including in relation to complaints;
  4. Attendance by you at all Court events unless otherwise advised;
  5. Attendance by you at Court ordered appointments with experts and family consultants within the Family Court;
We have recently expanded into Surry Hills at 95 Commonwealth St.

Our expansion is in response to a growing demand for expert, specialist family lawyers in the CBD, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West.  Our growth is as a consequence of the relationships we have built with our clients, our reputation in the family law arena and the outstanding outcomes we achieve.