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Published Articles

Fiona Reid: Risks and Rewards of Co-Buying a home

“There are legal and non-legal risks associated with buying a property with a family member or friend that all Australians should know about first.”

Published by Australian Broker 14 September 2020. Written by Fiona Reid

Fiona Reid: Mediation – How to Separate without going to Court

“A relationship or marriage breakdown is already an incredibly emotional and stressful time for everyone involved. Adding court to the picture increases that stress to a whole new level,”

Published by Australian News Daily Bulletin September 2020. Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

Fiona Reid: Did your relationship survive ‘Rona?

“Social Isolation has been the death knell for many relationships.”

Published by Peninsula Living July 2020

Fiona Reid: Should you buy property with family and friends?

“… Australians must be wary of the risks from a family law perspective.”

Published by Nestegg June 18 2020. Written by Cameron Micallef

Fiona Reid: More Australians make divorce inquiries, as lawyers offer discounts to struggling couples

“The coronavirus is the “straw that broke the camel’s back”

Published by The Dailey Telegraph May 22 2020. Written by Maria Bervanakis

Fiona Reid: More people are getting busted for cheating during lockdown

“Major issues like the coronavirus often cause increases in people questioning their relationships”

Published by Yahoo News Monday May 4 2020. Written by Kristine Tarbert

Fiona Reid: Why coronavirus is going to cause Aussie divorce rates to soar

“It just causes so much pressure and stress in the relationship.”

Published by Nine Honey March 2020. Written by Maddison Leach

Fiona Reid: Why March is such a busy month for divorce

A lot of people hold out until after Christmas because they don’t want to upset the kids of their partner.

Published by Nine Honey
Monday March 9th 2020. Written by Jo Abi

Fiona Reid: Coronavirus lockdown prompts more couples to seek divorce

“I haven’t in my career seen something as catastrophic as this for relationships”

Published by The New Daily April 2020. Written by Samantha Dick

Fiona Reid: 5 Reasons to get a Prenup

It’s about having control and planning for something that hopefully won’t happen.

Published by Fernwood Magazine
January/February 2020

Fiona Reid: Helpful Tips on Navigating Your Separation

In Family Law, 95% of matters settle without any court intervention.

Published by Peninsula Living
January 2020

Fiona Reid: 10 things you should know about prenuptial agreements

Everyone has heard the old saying ’50% of marriages end in divorce’. Consider that your fairytale relationship may not last.

Published by Business Daily Media
Monday December 9th 2019. Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

Radio Interviews

Fiona Reid: Social Isolation and impact on divorce

“The fact that people are going to be in social isolation together… is going to put a lot more pressure on relationships that aren’t strong.”

Released Tuesday 24 March 2020 on 2GB Radio – Nights with John Stanley.

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