Mediation provides an informal yet structured forum to assist you to resolve your dispute without going to Court.

In essence, it’s an opportunity for you and your former partner to discuss your family law dispute in a rational and quiet way with the assistance of someone neutral who can help you to focus on looking forward and achieving a solution.

Our principal, Fiona Reid, is an experienced LEADR trained mediator, often engaged by other law firms to chair mediations for their clients.  Given the current delays in the family courts and the cost of litigation, mediation is becoming more and more common as a means of resolution.

Our special counsel, Alex Wearne has also completed accredited mediation courses and are available to chair your mediation.

Mediation can be used at any time throughout your proceedings, even after Court proceedings have commenced, as a means of ending your dispute.  If you are concerned about your safety or a power imbalance, we have facilities to enable mediations to be conducted in separate break out rooms.

We welcome the involvement of your legal representative or support person throughout the mediation process.

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Are you looking into mediation as an alternative dispute resolution? Please get in contact with our office at +61 2 9091 0220 and we will guide you on how to get started and what the mediation process involves. Often helping families in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, and Northern Beaches with mediation, Reid Family Lawyers is ready to help you with professional legal advice and support.

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